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Drink responsibly and legally. Wizard Staff DrinkingGame. How to Play. The basic premise of the game is simple, each player drinks a can of liquid, after finishing a can, the next can is duct-taped on top of the empty can.

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Mini-Games: Players may choose to play other drinkinggames while playing WisestWizard. This is acceptable and encouraged! However, the rules as to how many levels can be obtained by winning a game should be decided on in advance to avoid confrontations later on.

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I recently had the opportunity to play a drinkinggame called WisestWizard (or alternatively Wizard Sticks for the hardcore version – more on this later). In a nutshell, the game involves drinking… and wizard costumes. Hats and facial hair (especially on the women) is highly recommended.

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"WisestWizarddrinkinggame: While fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons are largely associated with nerdy kids, this drinkinggame has been gaining in popularity amongst both college students and the mid- to late-30s set, perhaps mainly for its endearing geek factor.