Why do people hang bottles from trees

Why do some people hang empty glass bottles from trees
21 people found this useful. What are some advantages for using glass bottles? Glass bottles are easily washed because sometimes the debris will remain in the plastic bottles and as time goes by plastic bottles will become yellowish in color. The glass f…eeding bottles can be reused and it is.

Why Do People Hang Milk Jugs From Apple Trees? - SF Gate
Insects can be a major problem if you have an apple tree, with pests such as apple maggots causing significant damage to both your fruit and the tree itself. Sticky traps are often used to protect against insects but provide little protection against flying pests. Homemade traps made from milk jugs provide.

Why Do People Hang Milk Jugs From Apple Trees?
Hanging milk jugs fromtree branches is an organic insect control method that can prevent or stop crawling and flying insects from damaging apple trees and their fruit. Milk jugs are filled partway with a sweet solution that lures in the insects. When the insects enter the jugs, they are coated with the.