Why am getting gaps between my teeth

I have braces, glasses, and a gap between my teeth. - Quora
I amgetting braces, and I have glasses but I almost never wear them (fashion). I might not have gaps imbetween myteeth, but there will be when they pull out four of those mother****ers (teeth) in two weeks. This doesn't mean you aren't beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, or in general, fun to be around.

Why is there gap between my teeth and tray? (photo)
There is a gap, and it is getting bigger with increasing tray number.There was no gap on tray 12 and time came for 13, I noticed a gap.

Swords Orthodontics Blog - Why do I have gaps between my teeth?
At Swords Orthodontics, this is a question we get asked a lot, but after an enquiry from a Balgriggan orthodontic patient, I figured I'd put a blog post up about common reasons why you might have gapsbetween the teeth. In an ideal situation, there usually aren’t any spaces betweenteeth in the same.

Can Flossing Really Cause Gaps Between Your Teeth?
If you are experiencing gapsbetween your teeth, you may just need to properly floss your teeth, in addition to your twice daily brushing and regular dentist office visits every six months. Start by breaking a string about 18 inches of floss. Then, wind most of it around your middle fingers on both hands.