Which php framework is easy to learn

Which PHP framework is easiest to learn? - Bayt.com Specialties
The easiestPHPframeworktolearn and it is most powerfull if CodeIgniter it uses the MVC and has a lot of prpepared libraries you can use anytime without having to read the whole code. the best of codeigniter is that it iseasyto predict the functions name like getId, getClass, getName etc.

Which PHP Framework is easiest to learn?
Hello readers,i am fresher in a company and working as a html developer. now a days, i am planning tolearnphp, so i want to know whichphpframeworkiseasytolearn?

Easy to use/learn PHP framework? - dskims.com
I need to build a php app, and I was thinking about using a framework (never used one before). I've been browsing around some but most of them seems kinda complicated, I really

Core PHP Vs PHP Framework
Core PHPworks without any extra library, which a PHPframework cannot, so it is very important tolearn core of principle PHP programming to create

How to choose a PHP Framework? - Knowledge Nation
Whichphpframeworkiseasytolearn ? Whichphpframeworkis good for large applications? After hearing all these questions i thought i should put some effort writing an article which could really help out beginners in choosing a framework.

Which is best & easy PHP frame work ? - DaniWeb
I m a php coder and in one of my real estate portal I likes to use any one of best phpframework. Please advise / suggest me a best and easylearning one.