When the gene gain or loss intron

Patterns of Intron Gain and Loss in Fungi
Little is known about the patterns of introngain and loss or the relative contributions of these two processes to gene evolution. To investigate the dynamics of intron evolution, we analyzed orthologous genes from four filamentous fungal genomes and determined the pattern of intron conservation.

Mechanisms of intron gain and loss in Drosophila - BMC Evolutionary...
RTMIL occurs when cDNA, either directly or after retroposition into thegenome, recombines with an intron-present gene, resulting in the

The biology of intron gain and loss.
Intron density in eukaryote genomes varies by more than three orders of magnitude, so there must have been extensive introngain and/or intronloss during

Intron Loss and Gain During Evolution of the Catalase Gene Family in...
Intronloss or gain, as well as the modification of sequences residing within introns, may therefore provide critical steps in the divergence of expression patterns of individual gene family members.

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English examples for "introngain" - Thus, unlike other proposed mechanisms of introngain, this mechanism does not require the insertion or generation of DNA to create a novel intron. The definitive mechanisms of introngain, however, remain elusive and controversial. Group II introns are therefore.

Map gene gain and loss in phylogenetic tree
speciesA speciesB speciesZ gene1 1 2 0 gene2 0 1 0 gene3 1 1 1 gene4 1 1 2. Now I would like to map the gen gain and loss in a phylogenetic tree.