What is the most dangerous highway in the united states

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Rhode Island's mostdangeroushighway (Route 95), on the other hand, has the lowest Fatal Crash Rate among mostdangeroushighways of other states, but does not mean that Route 95 isthe safest highwayintheUnitedStates.

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Property Crimes Per Capita. MostDangerousStates In America. We then ranked each state from 1 to 50 for the two criteria with a #1 ranking beingthedangerous for

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Ever wonder what themostdangerous federal highwaysintheUnitedStates are? This infographic maps out the deadliest U.S. numbered and interstate highways systems from 2011-2015. Themostdangerous is I-4 where it intersects Orlando, Florida. + read more.

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Many roads have been dubbed “mostdangerous,” but the 65-kilometer stretch of highway from Jalalabad to Kabul has more claim than most