What is a trust fund for a child

What is a Child Trust Fund? (with pictures)
The ChildTrustFund also isan official fund that was set up by the government in the United Kingdom. Childtrustfunds can be set up like any other trustfund. Trustfunds are typically set up by a parent or grandparent, the grantor, with the child or children established as the beneficiary.

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You may be creating atrust to benefit all your children or only one. Each purpose has a specific set of laws and guidelines that govern trust operations, so it's important to be as

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Atrustfund beneficiary is often the child or grandchild of a wealthy grantor, but it can also bea charity or organization. Finally, there's the trustee, who can bea single person or a group of people tasked with overseeing the trustfund and ensuring that it's managed as per the instructions of the grantor.