Sling why cant redeem my gift card

Use a Sling TV Gift Card on your subscription - Redeem gift card only
The steps to redeem a giftcard on an existing Sling TV account vary based on whether you want to change your subscription or just add the giftcard balance to your account.

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Giftcards depend on the currency in which they were purchased and are linked to the store where they were purchased from. It could be that you are trying to redeem a US giftcard in the Canadian store or vice versa. This won't work directly but please contact us so we can quickly re-assign your giftcard to.

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As a birthday gift I have been given a google play card. Actually 2 worth $50. When it asks if I am adding it to my account I enter confirm and then it says not valid. It does give my exact email account so I dont understand why this is happening if I have gotten many google play giftcards in the past.

I cant redeem my rp giftcard
I bought 2 $10 rp giftcards so that i could buy my friend omega sqaud teemo for xmas. When I went to redeem the card, it didnt work, I tried reloading client and doing it again and it still didnt. And yes, i was typing in the correct characters. Help: About Gift Card Redemption Problems
If your GiftCard claim code is scratched off or can't be clearly read, you can contact us with the 16 or 30 digit number on the back of the card. If the giftcard is for a retailer other than, please contact that retailer for assistance.