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Bhutanese Refugees - Camp Tour
The vast majority of the refugees are Lhotshampas, one of Bhutan’s three main ethnic groups, who were forced to leave Bhutan in the early 1990s. Over 105,000 Bhutanese have spent 15 - 20 years living in UNHCR-run refugeecampsinNepal. Since 2008 a resettlement process has seen the.

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UNHCR - UNHCR appeals for calm in refugee camps in Nepal
The UN refugee agency is appealing for calm in refugeecampsin eastern Nepal after two refugees died following clashes over the last two days. A camp curfew imposed by government authorities on Monday has now been lifted on four of the seven camps. UNHCR is reviewing its daily presence in.

Refugee Camps in Nepal
The government of Nepal and UNHCR have managed seven refugeecamps since the arrival of people claiming to be refugees from Bhutan in the 1990s. The government of Bhutan contends that among these refugees are local Nepalese people attracted to camps for their resources.

I Born In Refugee Camp In Nepal Research Paper - 531 Words
Nepal has lots of these kinds of Refugeecamps. I was born in camp, and while there, I had a lot of struggles just to survive. My parents are from Bhutan.