If you have had chlamydia can it come back

Can a Treated STD Come Back? - Chlamydia
Ifyouhave a regular sexual partner, it's important to tell them about your infection so they can get get treatment, too. Once you've both gotten treated, youhave to wait until the

Can chlamydia come back after being treated - Things You Didn’t Know
Ifyouhave both had negative tests and then chlamydiacomesback, it is likely that someone is having sex outside of your relationship. for topic: Can

Is it possible my Chlamydia was not fully treated three years ago?
Ifyouhad “failed” treatment and had somehow managed not to get PID or ifyouhad PID with no symptoms, you still would havehad a positive Chlamydia

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at all! does that mean that my chlamydiacameback? also my partner has herpes and was treating it.does that mean i haveit? wouldn't the doctors tell me i have herpes too?

Home Remedies For Chlamydia
Ifyouhavehadchlamydia in the past, you can still get it. This can happen when youhave unprotected sex or a new partner havingchlamydia.