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LEGO Build with Chrome,
GoogleChrome and Lego Australia fastened themselves together to roll out Build, a Web app for Chrome that lets you build impressively realistic Lego structures right .

Build Lego Online with Google Chrome
It is named Build with Chrome. The tool originated from the partnership between Lego Group and GoogleChrome when they wanted to bring creative

How To Build With LEGOs in Google Chrome - The Mary Sue
Build with Chrome — or just Build, as it’s sometimes called — is a project from Google Australia, which has been working hand-in-hand with LEGO to put the project together. Launched to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the LEGO block in Australia and the LEGO Festival of Play.

Build LEGO Online With Chrome
The Google team worked with LEGO Australia to create an online tool that will help users build their own stuff using virtual LEGO blocks.