Do you get combat patch for kuwait

Is a soldier who deploys to Kuwait for logistics or CBRN... - RallyPoint
I have a friend who wants to deploy to Kuwait or Iraq in support of ISIS. Just a general question. Posted in these groups: Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) CombatPatch (SSI-FWTS) Kuwait.

Combat patch and hazard pay for deployment to kuwait?
would you recieve a combatpatch or hazard pay for a deployment to kuwait? yes its silly but honestly I would like a combatpatch in sight of it being

Army Combat Patch Rules - Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
These combatpatches are sources of pride for an Army war veteran. However, if you are assigned to a new command, often you will wear that command patch when stateside to have a uniform appearance, like that of your new soldiers. The Class A Uniforms require full-color detail of patches.