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Catbites can be dangerous both to other animals and to humans. In their mouths, all cats carry a large number of bacteria that are capable of causing tissue infections in bite wounds. One of the more common is highly pathogenic bacterium known as Pasteurella multocida.

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Catbites can lead to infectious diseases; the most common ones being bacterialinfections. Mostly, the bacteria enter an individual's body through

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The cat saliva is a carrier of multiple bacteria and this is the reason why a catbite is likely to get infected. A catbite wound can turn into a serious infection within 12 hours after

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When the bite is on the hand (and other research has shown that up to 85 percent of catbites occur on the hand or wrist), the puncture may easily pierce a joint or the

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EffectsA catbite can be serious because of the bacteria that a cat carries. The most common bacteria are pasteurella, which normally reside in the nasal, oral, and tonsil regions of your cat. Catbites can be difficult to wash out properly to prevent infection from developing.

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Catbites should be considered seriously, since most cases of catbites become infected. The most common infection from a catbite is bacterialinfection.

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Cats' mouths contain bacteria called Pasteurella multocida which can cause infections in humans. Most animals mouths have some form of bacteria that can

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Cat mouths (as are human mouths) are teeming with bacteria, due to the nature of cat’s teeth, when it bites you, bacteria are injected under the skin.