Can us citizens live in puerto rico

Can a US citizen live/work in Puerto Rico? (hair salon, apartments)...
All Puerto Ricans are UScitizens, so any other UScitizen can live and work there. Good paying jobs are hard to find unless you have certain skills that are in high demand (such as health care / medicine). PR has higher unemployment than the US mainland and average annual income is half of the poorest.

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People born in the US territory of PuertoRico are UScitizens by birth. If I'm not mistaken, as long as the individual is livingin the mainland at the time of running for POTUS, (because people livingin the territories can't vote for president) he/she should have the same chance of becoming president as.

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3.4 million USCitizens in the US Territory of PuertoRico are not being given equal treatment as the rest of their fellow citizens on the US Mainland.

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Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens: PuertoRico was a Spanish colony until the U.S. took control of

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If you liveinPuertoRico, you are probably a U.S. citizen. People born inPuertoRico are citizens at birth, just as people born in States are.