Can cat get injured from fall

How can I tell if my cat is injured from a fall? - TheCatSite
Cats usually will be able to land on their fours when they fall from a height, unless they are the real clumsy cats. Just observe her for awhile and see if

Why doesn’t a cat get injured falling from a high place? - Quora
If they fall from too high or in some cases too low, they can still be injured. If they're falling from too high, then they'll accelerate until they hit the ground at a higher speed

First 2 Hours: My Cat Had a Fall - 30 minutes – 1 hour in: Look for Injury
Despite their grace, cats do fall. As with any fall, the higher the height, the more dangerous it becomes. Even though cats are known for landing on their feet, they can still be gravely injured if their

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Cats can definitely getinjuredfromfalls, but there’s a literal twist that may be what gives them this reputation. When catsfall, a mechanism in their inner ear causes their head, neck, and backbone to rotate into a position that will help them land on their feet.

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Cats can get ‘concussion injuries,’” says Dr. M. Ryan Smith, assistant professor of emergency and critical care at the Louisiana State University School of