Australian platypus is a member of the prottheria group

the australian platypus is a member of the prototheria...
mamiferos subclase prototheria - prototheria nedir - the australianplatypusisamemberoftheprototheriagroup. therefore it - difference between prototheria and theria - difference between prototheria and eutheria.

Platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus - Australian Museum
The Platypusisa unique Australian species. Along with echidnas, Platypusesaregrouped in a separate order of mammals known as monotremes, which are distinguished from all other mammals because they lay eggs. When first discovered, the unusual look.

Platypus - Australia Tourism
The AustralianPlatypusis featured on our 20 cent coin. They are found in the eastern states of Australia, from north Queensland to Tasmania, mainly east ofthe

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